When we become Kings and Queens !

When I walk on the streets, I am just some random guy, in my twenties, doing my final year, Electronics ‘ENGINEERING’ in some government college. So I fit the typical ‘Stereotyped’ NORMAL GUY. So when is it that Normal Guys like us become Kings ?

The answer to the question is simple. I just step inside a shop, be it any shop, I become a Customer (Actually bigger the shop, the better it gets ! )

And in the business world,



Now this post is not about some big experience. It is simple and sending a message.

So once you enter into a shop and remember, be it any shop, what happens is basically this.



Okay now that is my rough illustration, so don’t kill me for my poor drawing skills. But this is what we are supposed to learn. When those people inside those shops view (or atleast SUPPOSED to view) the customer as King (Or Queen, there is no gender discrimination here please ! ), we should start seeing ourselves as one !

I have seen people enter big shops or showrooms and sometimes even when they don’t like anything, or don’t like the pricing, buy something and get out. Now I fail to understand whether this is because of some dignity issues or is it a duty to do something like that.

Cause Kings and Queens don’t just take things that they don’t like. They just storm out of the place. So the next time you find yourself in a shop with nothing that interests you, remember who you are inside the shop. Just walk out.

And the same goes to trying ‘N’ number of items. They have their items only for us to buy. And we have all the rights to try those. Some shops might have some rules like No Trial for White colored dresses or No Trial for Shirts. Those it is our duty as a customer to abide. But when there are no restrictions on trying out something, then nothing should stop us from doing so, especially ourselves.

Never hesitate to ask about anything, be it the pricing or the material or anything. Cause it is their duty to answer. If they dare show a face at you, just walk out. There is no need to put up with shit when we are Emperors and they are just selling their products to us. In the end it is us who fill their pockets !

So to Kings and Queens, the next time you are in a shop, do remember who you are !

Signing off,

‘The Normal Guy’.



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