Sixty Seconds of Pure Pain.

Sixty Seconds of Pure Pain ! That’s all I felt after spraining my ankle at the football ground (Not that I play football, but that is irrelevant now !). It was the train of thoughts that I had later, after regaining consciousness and after my brain’s rational thinking was restored, that prompted to me to write this.
I am not an atheist, At least not one for the moment. Yet at the same time, I am not the type who believes in a superior intelligence’s involvement in our day to day life, in every single activity of ours. I believe whatever happens to us, Good or Bad, we take credit for it and we are fully accountable to whatever happens to us.
I am sure you are thinking about the absence of any connection between the first and second paragraphs or about the purpose behind this piece of writing. As I said earlier it was about the thoughts I had after injuring myself that made me write this one. So what was it that I later thought about ?
My first clear thought after my mind cleared was “Whether this was a ‘Divine Intervention’?” ! And no I am not kidding. I was as shocked/surprised as you might be and also feeling a bit ashamed for even thinking of something like that after being trained for years in rational reasoning. I thought whether it was God who was ‘PUNISHING’ me for something that I had done earlier (oh just so that you can relax I didn’t steal, murder or rape anyone!).
This is what is happening today everywhere, where years of spoon feeding of religion and beliefs about God, through stories, songs and movies, simply destroys any scope for reason even in the most rational minds (no I am not referring to myself. I have a long way to go to reach that spot!). My parents are both devout believers in God. My Mom in fact ascribes any event/happening to God, despite that fact that she holds a Master’s degree in Chemistry. No not that education is anyway a measure of belief in God (though research shows they are inversely proportional!), but anyone with that level of education should know that the strength of the coconut coir is because of ‘Natural Selection’ and not ‘Intelligent Creation’ (Yeah I was a student of Biology in 12th Grade, and Natural selection can be a topic of discussion for another time. )
“That which is impenetrable to us really exists. Behind the secrets of nature remains something subtle, intangible, and inexplicable. Veneration for this force beyond anything that we can comprehend is my religion.” – Albert Einstein.
Well that is not the only thing that Einstein remarked about Religion or God. But I find this pretty much my case. A case where I am in constant questioning of something which people blindly accept and follow in the name of ‘Faith’. And that living in a world where having ‘Faith’ in Living, Existing (proven!) Humans is not possible. But having ‘Faith’ in something/someone who’s existence is yet to be proven and a topic of worldwide debate is normal ! 
I still can’t help remarking ‘Oh my God’ and then feel odd because uttering a word without any sincerity or feeling or in fact uttering a word even without believing in ‘His’ existence feels odd. I could refer to myself as a Pantheist (pan·the·ism -a doctrine that equates God with the forces and laws of the universe) but then again , a person who has studied science and reasoning, that very rationale prohibits me from doing so. Maybe it must be this way. 
And go on to question people about their beliefs (often it would be their Core belief), they either evade the question or shut up themselves. I simply have to stare with wide-eyed wonder (for the literary sexy, but mostly with DISBELIEF!) as to how people learn anything at all ? When the primary form of learning happens by ‘Accept Nothing. Question Everything.’ approach !
So signing off on a similar insincere confused note. ‘God Save Me, God Save the World’ !

One thought on “Sixty Seconds of Pure Pain.

  1. When you hurt yourself the first thing that comes out of your mouth is “mom” (may be regional) and that’s the beauty of life and you don’t know why your brain does that or whatever does that.Similarly what I wanna say is it’s not wrong or neither am i saying that you were protesting that there is nothing wrong in believing in something more powerful or divine than us for religious people it is God and for people of science it is called “God particle” or “bozons” as they feel that this belief drives them in a correct path .

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