Paradox Opus !

This is probably the one big paradox we all talk about everyday. Just that we don’t realise talking about it.

The Paradox of “Ideal Reality”.

Oh there is another name for it. A more common one. “Philosophy”.

No. Philosophy isn’t itself Paradoxical. It’s the confusion it creates between Ideal and Real World that gives rise to one of the greatest Paradoxes I have observed and am Observing in the everyday world.

How ? Well I will explain it in detail with examples. In between you may face some “Brain Twisters” (Oh they are not your regular tongue twisters , since you can properly read them just that you will lose track of the logic midway) .

Philosophy tries to describe Reality. But what Philosophy actually does is it gives the picture of an Ideal World. Cause whatever it says doesn’t apply in Real World. Thereby creating the divide between Ideality (Dictionary might show error but Google Search returns results for the word !) and Reality. But

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with realityexistenceknowledgevaluesreasonmind, and language.”

(Thanks again to Wikipedia !).

I do a Somersault when I read that(oh just in the Ideal World people. Reality never will permit to do one considering Physical Constraints !) . Philosophy and Reality ? When the hell were they two connected ?

Okay now I cant explain this to you without using an example. Cause it is like Einstein trying to teach Relativity to the Layman (the only way to do is to state the “Hot-Stove-and-Hot-Girl-Example” !). I will take a pretty simpler route.

How Philosophy treats Friendship ?

நகுதற்  பொருட்டன்று நட்டல் மிகுதிக்கண்
மேற்சென்று  இடித்தற் பொருட்டு.

The above ‘Kural’ was written by Thiruvalluvar, a celebrated poet and philosopher in Tamil Nadu (For more details

That apart what it means is that  “You shouldn’t make friends just so as to have fun and laugh together; But also to be stern and correct your friend when he/she strays out of path and gets into bad habits.”.

Now that’s a Taste of Philosophy. Want a taste of Reality ? Try telling a Friend of yours to stop Smoking or Stop consuming Alcohol , just because it is bad for their health. They say firmly they won’t. And further you get an overdose of Philosophy that just because they Drink or Smoke, they are not bad people. True ! You are not bad people just because you do those. But isn’t that simply bad for your health ? Then why continue doing those IDIOTS (Oh I restrain myself from using better words here just to save it from “Parental Advisory”) . Further more if you are REAL STERN (Like what Thiruvalluvar said) , you get kicked out and they say its better you are not my friend (oh this is the worst case when simple matters like Alcohol are concerned!).

Another example, trying telling a friend (preferably an emotional female) who is in relationship with a Possessive Guy who hardly allows her to be outside her home with someone else (even if that someone else is a Girl !) and that her parents are against the relationship. When you tell them it wont work out and you are wasting your energy, resources and time , you are straight away dropped from her Friends Circle.

Which means Philosophy simply LOST track of Reality Ages Ago !!

( Note:  I deeply respect Valluvar. His writing (a total of 1330 verses) still holds true and covers all areas of life. One who lives by his writing will (FIRST BE SOCIALLY DEAD !) surely be one of the Greatest people in this World without doubt. Just that following all his writing involves becoming extremely good. And

“An Overflow of Good Converts to Bad” – Shakespeare.

Also I am better off without such friends who don’t respect what I say because they don’t want the good but want to enjoy with me in lighter moments. Its better to stay away from them since they will anyway not be there during your hard times since they find the difficult stuff bitter. )

Another classic example would be my earlier discussed Good-Bad Paradox. You can never define anything to be Good or Bad PHILOSOPHICALLY. And using a different branch of the same PHILOSOPHY you CAN differentiate between GOOD and BAD. A Paradox. Its because of the divide between the ACTUAL REALITY and the IDEAL REALITY (an Oxymoron !).

Take Honesty for example.

“Honesty is a very expensive gift, Don’t expect it from cheap people”

–          Warren Buffet.

This statement is one I could say that gives a Taste of Reality. But people should see the ACTUAL PICTURE. Where did Warren Buffet use this ? He used in reference to the Stock Market ! And people use it in day to day life !!. This is where the REALITY is LOST and used in a PHILOSOPHICAL SENSE !. Thankfully the statement itself does apply to reality so fortunately it doesn’t affect a lot !

Plus now I will debate why you shouldn’t  expect Honesty from anyone.  Or why it is not anyone’s duty to be Honest.

REALITY CHECK ! Be Honest Everywhere. You cant make a penny in the real world ! Cause you have to keep something secret. When asked about them you should know how to Lie , to Cover things up and to Pretend. All the three things listed above simply knock Honesty off the table !

What happens when you use the quote in a Philosophical Sense ? People who are honest consider themselves EXPENSIVE !  In reality they don’t make a lot of money or any company !

(Note: I am a very honest person. But being honest comes with experience and a price to pay. The experience because you should know how to be honest and yet not disclose anything about yourself. The price to pay being the SOCIALLY DEAD part !.)

I can similarly justify one person betraying another by listing the situation under which one betrayed the other. Thereby making the traitor look like a SAINT. That makes anybody even Judas look good ! (Oh he really was I suppose !) .

This is how I came to lose track of the DIFFERENCE between Reality and Ideality !

That’s why I say its probably the Magnum Opus of all Paradoxes !

Paradox Opus !


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