Some More Few Liners of Mine.

The Fact that We Both have so Much in Common doesn’t make Me any less Me and more You ; The Fact that We Both have so Less in Common doesn’t make Me and You any less Us.

Got stabbed in the back by Human. And in the heart by Humanity.

Knowing something about the Working of the World has given me some amount of leverage against the World. But knowing “Just Something” has given the World a lot of leverage against me.

If you were to be my Friend, I would drop my Love. If you were to be my Love, I would drop (almost) everything else. Not that I don’t value Friendship. I value your presence in my life more.

The World is filled with Good-Looking Women. Unfortunately Few are really Beautiful.

Bad time to see a Love Movie , when you are depressed. Worst time to see a Love movie when you Love someone.
Seems odd, but the oversurge of emotions do induce a bias large enough to alter any rational decision.

I consider anything with a Sixth Sense and has anything to lose to you or gain from you as Incapable of showing Love , so lets skip whether its Unconditional or Not.

To know how NOT to do a thing, you should actually know how TO do the thing.

Some of the greatest minds of the world only got recognized after their death. That leaves me with some hope. And also (hopefully Accident free) Long Years of unpopularity.

A Woman who spends the least (or nothing) on cosmetics, cares about a dress not a packed wardrobe and holds little or no craze for the Yellow Metal is Every Husband’s Delight and Every Lover’s Nightmare.

All it takes is ‘Perspective’.

Most beautiful gift of Nature, Logic. And the wonderful Accompanying Curse, Emotions.

The Ability to Generate Pros and Cons in equal Magnitude for anything is what makes any Topic a Potential Argument .

My Testosterones may long for a hundred different Women, but my Heart always beats for One.

Between Liberals, Conservatives and Radicals,
I choose to be a Liberally Conservative Radical.

Note:  The Second Set Arrives.  And as always,

“Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. “. 

Use references if necessary.


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