Random Lament.


” What is the use of a Mouth ,

when the other’s Ears are Deaf ?

What are the use of Ears,

when the other’s Mouth speaks monologues ? “


Regular dose of Narcissism

The Second Biggest Joke in the World would be when someone said that I know how to Lie. The First ? When someone believed it.


Some More Few Liners of Mine.

The Fact that We Both have so Much in Common doesn’t make Me any less Me and more You ; The Fact that We Both have so Less in Common doesn’t make Me and You any less Us.

Got stabbed in the back by Human. And in the heart by Humanity.

Knowing something about the Working of the World has given me some amount of leverage against the World. But knowing “Just Something” has given the World a lot of leverage against me.

If you were to be my Friend, I would drop my Love. If you were to be my Love, I would drop (almost) everything else. Not that I don’t value Friendship. I value your presence in my life more.

The World is filled with Good-Looking Women. Unfortunately Few are really Beautiful.

Bad time to see a Love Movie , when you are depressed. Worst time to see a Love movie when you Love someone.
Seems odd, but the oversurge of emotions do induce a bias large enough to alter any rational decision.

I consider anything with a Sixth Sense and has anything to lose to you or gain from you as Incapable of showing Love , so lets skip whether its Unconditional or Not.

To know how NOT to do a thing, you should actually know how TO do the thing.

Some of the greatest minds of the world only got recognized after their death. That leaves me with some hope. And also (hopefully Accident free) Long Years of unpopularity.

A Woman who spends the least (or nothing) on cosmetics, cares about a dress not a packed wardrobe and holds little or no craze for the Yellow Metal is Every Husband’s Delight and Every Lover’s Nightmare.

All it takes is ‘Perspective’.

Most beautiful gift of Nature, Logic. And the wonderful Accompanying Curse, Emotions.

The Ability to Generate Pros and Cons in equal Magnitude for anything is what makes any Topic a Potential Argument .

My Testosterones may long for a hundred different Women, but my Heart always beats for One.

Between Liberals, Conservatives and Radicals,
I choose to be a Liberally Conservative Radical.

Note:  The Second Set Arrives.  And as always,

“Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. “. 

Use references if necessary.


My Two “Kutti” Tamil Kavidhais !


“அழைப்பு விடுத்தாலும் பயனில்லை

கேள்வி தொடுத்தாலும் பயனில்லை

அழகி அவள் கண்களில்

அறிவிழந்து நிற்கின்றேன் நானே .”


” வினை என செய்தேன் ?

விளக்கம் இன்றி தவித்தேன்

விடை அறிய வினைகிறேன்

வழி தெரியவில்லை விளிப்பதற்கு.”



Now before I start, this is a perfect comparison between what is Reality and what is Ideal Reality (that definitely sounds like an Oxymoron!). So if you are bored in the first few lines I don’t force you (I cant either ! ) to continue. But just suggesting you move on forward . Plus if you lose track of the logic , give it a second read. And again its all from my perspective. So I am open to feedback.

The Good and The Bad Paradox.

This is probably one of the most commonly faced controversies in everyday life. Where it becomes a Paradox is discussed below.

How do you say someone is Good or Bad ? This is how the Paradox starts. Because everyone’s actions are wrong “Relative” to someone. And everyone’s actions are ALWAYS right “Relative” to someone else (and this set is anyways singleton which will anyway include the perpetrator of the action). And if we take the general convention of saying those who do the “Right” things as Good people and do the “Wrong” things as Bad things, we can label anyone as Good or Bad. Which makes either everyone in the World “Good” or “Bad” , or the other case being both are null sets.

Now there is another aspect to be discussed here. Every child is told repeatedly not to Smoke, not to consume Alcohol (atleast in the Indian Subcontinent) and not to use Drugs. These are then classified as “Bad” habits. So before we argue “FOR” the case that they are Bad , lets analyse the statement. They are classified as Bad “Habits”. So only when they become habits they are bad ? Now lets get into arguing “FOR” the case that they are bad, while simultaneously debating AGAINST the same too. Drugs damage the Liver functionality in prolonged use. And drugs damage the liver functionality only in “Prolonged” use. Smoking Cigars leads to Bronchitis, Black Lung and Lung Cancer (I am a biology student but that doesn’t have anything to do with this, since this is now pretty much Common Knowledge). Controlled Smoking doesn’t affect the human body to such an extent but still it does affect. And Passive smoking is also an equally cruel issue, where the user affects people nearby. But lets drop this discussion as this diverts from the main topic. The Paradox. Alcohol again , on prolonged use affects Liver functionality and Liver being a crucial organ for Human Functionality. But then knowing all this still Humans do resort to each of these and also eventually they become habits. Now every child when having been told they are “Bad” why does he/she (there are a considerably large number of female smokers and alcoholics too!) try either of these ?

Here we come to the next biggest issue. Where people justify that they are a “Good” Person even if they have either of these traditionally labelled “Bad” habits.  And that is on the basis of their Character and not what they do. And they justify that by saying that What they do is none of our business.  Now there is an inbuilt Paradox in this statement. What one does represents his/her character. So how can one say that they are different and not one and the same ? Paradox !

So till a certain stage everyone is led to believe that few things are Bad. Then beyond that stage they are forced to believe that what they do defines who they are and whether they are good or bad. And when people come out of both illusions, they come to the same conclusion as me. Its just one big Paradox !

Other common examples are Betrayal, Bitching (refer to earlier post), Relationships (mind you they were not in Plenty as they are now, sometime back. Back then Love was excessively Scrunitinzed. And it still continues to be in many households across the country and is considered EVIL too !). All of the above can be justified as “Right” by looking at it from a different perspective.

That brings us to the end of the “Good” and the “Bad” Paradox. Where a clear conclusion can never be reached. Paradox.

The God Paradox.

Now this is a more commonly faced Paradox. And quite famous too, thanks to the surplus of Religions and even diversity among how people think about God. The latter consisting of Theists, Atheists, Deists and so on.

I am constantly pestered by my Mom to go to the temple regularly every week. I ask why. And she replies because you need God’s grace to lead a good life. I am confused. How come going to a temple every weekend , which becomes a Duty result in me leading a good life ?. Not that I don’t believe in God (something I have tried to instil in my Mom’s Mind) or that I do. As far as God or Religion is considered I prefer the Einstein way.

‘That which is impenetrable to us really exists.
Behind the secrets of nature remains something subtle, intangible, and inexplicable. Veneration
for this force beyond anything that we can comprehend is my religion.’

–       Albert Einstein.

Lets come back to the original discussion. So how does some part of the human population believe God Exists. And another part that he (or she, without loss of generality and without any offense to Polytheism!) does not exist. And other variants about a “Higher Intelligence” involved in the creation of the entire System alone (say some “higher intelligence” initiated Big Bang and chose to sit back and watch the entire Series for entertainment. Oh and I am referring to the REAL Big Bang !) and not with the functioning of it.

There is no Proof that he does. There is no proof that he does not exist. Still we have God and his antithesis the Evil being talked about in this world.

I should say I actually enjoy the Russell’s Paradox a lot. Its pretty much the same as what is discussed here.  Oh the actual Paradox deals with pure Mathematics. Just that this discussion can be used as an example to the same.

“According to naive set theory, any definable collection is a set. Let R be the set of all sets that are not members of themselves. If R qualifies as a member of itself, it would contradict its own definition as a set containing all sets that are not members of themselves. On the other hand, if such a set is not a member of itself, it would qualify as a member of itself by the same definition. This contradiction is Russell’s paradox. “

(Courtesy : Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russell’s_paradox).

Oh for the simple minded people (that includes me!) , I will use an example which covers both Paradoxes.

If there existed an “Almighty” called God, he could create a Stone which cannot be lifted by anyone. But since he is “Almighty” he should be able to do anything including lifting the Stone which cannot be lifted by anyone and that includes himself. PARADOX !

And again among theists (Oh and that accounts to more than three fourths of India!) there is this belief where if you pray to God , good things happen.

“Why does God get Credit whenever something Good Happens ?”

– House MD.

So what happens if something bad happens the next moment you step out of a temple ? God’s Gift or a Higher Intelligence’s initiation of another Series of events ?

Again unanswered.

Oh I wish to stop here. More Paradoxes available to discuss, considering we live in a Paradoxical World ! But those are for another time. And partly because I am feeling sleepy as I am typing this post Midnight !

Adios .