Some “Few liners” of Mine…

Many people say “Life is a Bitch”. I say “Very well then, but Its an Awesome Bitch.”.

If Love were a Drug, Man its Addict, Then Life reduces to nothing but an Euphoric Dream.

You see nothing but good, you see Angels. You see nothing good, you see Devils. A trade off between both, you start seeing ‘People’.

Diplomacy was and is never a choice.

People never intend to mess up things . It just happens by chance . People never happen to avoid other people . They intend to . This is life .

Sixth sense was given to see Right and Wrong . Then why do Majority assume what they think is pure Right and never engage the possibility of being Wrong .

Finding Genuine Smiles is Interesting. Finding Smiles Not Genuine is even more Interesting.

Earlier , Saying those three words to a girl was the problem. Now knowing the words which a girl would say to those three words is the problem.

What do you call a situation where an average looking girl seems to be the most beautiful person on the planet ?
Insanity. Another possibility, Love. Well again there is not much difference between the two.

Unfortunate it is . You get to talk with people who bore you the most. You bore the people who interest you the most .

One of the worst situations ever. Teaching Humanity to Humans.

Living the life of a Good Man is more important than Living a Good Life . A bit depressing but at the end of the day you can always be Happy about it .

I basically believe in a Life without Secrets. One where no one would waste time being curious about what is going on in others lives.

A better Television series is one that promises the entertainment of a two hour movie in every  45 minutes . Not that of  45 minutes for the entire season.

It took me the enmity of over a two dozen people to choose the priniciples what I live by today. Cant change it for the friendship of a few.

Note:  These are some of the best lines I have written , according to my own standards of writing. And they also happen to be my Facebook Statuses over the past one month.  So lets say this is the First Set. More to follow. And as always,

“Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. “. 

Use references if necessary.


3 thoughts on “Some “Few liners” of Mine…

  1. And honestly speaking, even though they are my best lines till date. Even I find only some of the lot actually good. And rest only acceptable.

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