Rare Commodity …

What sort of Friendship does everyone expect ?? Seriously bugged by that thought.

When a person extends you the friendship of your life , still you never accept it. Rather you would go all the way for a person who will stay in your life for the shortest period of time and walk out. Yes present date most friendships are temporary.

But few people when it comes to Friendship , they mean it. So do I. Yet I have the least number of friends in this world.Most of the world just consider Friendship as a Profit or loss statement.

What sort of a world it is ? Where Friendship has become a “Rare Commodity” ??

Hate it. Seriously. What is that you want people. How much more should you experience before you take a turn for the real good.

When will you start respecting good hearted people ? After the last good person on this earth is dead ??

Better kill them before you life this emotionally detached mechanical life. Seriously pissed with the current world.

One of the possible reasons for me having very less number of friends is maybe because I have realised that very few people mean proper friendship and that too only when then dont have anything to gain from you. (Stop Pouncing back on me, wait and read). 

For a second think the person whom you consider your best friend as of now. Is he/she from the same class ? If in same school/college/workplace is the person belonging to the same department as you ? If so then he/she a better performer than you ?

Give a thought to the above questions. You will find your answers there.

Often your best friend will be , say now you are in college, will be a person from your school days (Believe me you make your best friendships and worst enemies only at school !!.) Thats because now in separate colleges you tend to talk more and more about each others’  “Lives” other than just academics/studies related stuff that used to form the base discussion in school.

Second case, if you find a friend in your college, often its not from your own department. Because there are people who constantly depend upon you in some aspect. That academic dependence itself breaks down the possiblity of a friendship cause the more parasitic you become the more the other person gets irritated. Same holds true vice versa. So you end up forming best of friends across departments.

(Nothing personal here, but among the top layer of performers in any place there is stiff competition that eliminates the possibility of a good friendship. Once you compete in a place you cant bring yourself to see the other person as your friend. You think of what to avoid telling that person fearing whether he/she would take advantage. Same happens from the other person’s view point. Talking might help but again only if both the performers are mature in all aspects. If one is a completely mature person and other has the mindset of a Just-Born-Baby then talks only worsen things !!)

Rare case you make your friendship with someone in your own class, you stop and evaluate yourself. How the friendship formed. I dont have to explain further.

Friendships are not about what you can get from the other person people understand that. You dont buy or sell it. Very few know the value of a good friendship. I am one of them.

Never become a parasite on another person in the name of friendship. Get Inspired by your friend that is normal. But then to become as good as your friend use your own resources and nothing but inspiration from your pal. Problems Occur only when you start draining his/her resources too.

I just wish I could walk out of college after graduation with a handful of good friends, whose friendships continue even after the four years of college life. I wish everyone appreciates the same.

I dont expect to make the entire batch my friends. That is the lamest thing ever. You cant be friends with everyone. When you realise you have so much in common obviously talking more with that person would allow you to get to know more about each other realise what is in common and develop a strong deep-rooted friendship. Such ones never die, come what may.

Unfortunately there are few who look out for possibilities of a person becoming a friend. Others just walk past so many people everyday. Stop give a talk to every person you pass by. You would find that you have missed atleast a good five people in your life within a period of one month. Thats how big the world is.
So even when I realise that this person could be a very good friend of mine the other person is still reluctant to open up. Cant help it . Talks could improve the situation but talks dont come by that easily. 😦

Today you would rarely find a grown up addressing anyone as their enemy. Cause everyone has stopped identifying people as enemies. Competitors yes. Enemies no. Unless you are a Mafia Don that wont happen.

Friendship has yes become a Rare Commodity.

But still try making the best out of it.

But first find a good Friend.

And never stop with one. 😀 😀


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