Just thought of letting people know that there are some basic etiquettes that they COULD follow. So that the other person would never have to get hurt, or assume stuff.

Situation One :

When some person is messaging you. You keep messaging but then suddenly have to stop because of some other work or because the other person is boring you.

Now if you have got some important work , better mention it in the conversation by saying “Sorry but got to go. Got something important to do”.

If its the latter , that is the person is boring you, then mentioning it to the person , in most cases would be rude. You have the freedom to do that only if the person is close enough , for example a real good friend in which case the person wouldn’t mistake your comment. So if the person is boring you you can as well state a reason and drop the conversation .

But what most of us do is abruptly stop replying. Now that sends wrong signals. Because the person could assume you have something against him/her. (In some cases you really might have !! But mostly we will assume the general case where you dont have anything against him/her). Now this vexes the other person. All this could have been avoided by a polite message stating that you are leaving.

The above situation could also be neutralised by beginning your next conversation with an apology for abruptly leaving on the previous occasion but still there would have been a time interval where the person might have assumed wrong things.

Situation Two:

You are inviting a group of people to a festival. Now considering the current trend where you can create an online event in Facebook and create an invite through that , it wouldnt be that surprising if you were to invite a group of people through the online medium.

But not all people prefer BEING INVITED that way. Most would want a personal invite , even if it is through mail or a SMS it is fine. Also inviting people personally has a Human Touch to it.

Now if you are planning a certain trip and want the number of people interested you could as well post it as an event and get the number of people attending/maybe attending/not attending.

But here we are talking about invite. If you invite people by posting a message online it tends to imply that you seriously dont have any intention of inviting the other person but rather you are doing it only as a formality. Again even if you dont have any such intentions your actions speak better than words.

Some people tend to be hypocrites. They talk as if they despise every single person who uses online media for such things but then they themselves resort to a simple group post for invite. But then Hypocrisy is Universal. We will talk about that later.

Situation Three :

Suppose in your classroom/workplace a fellow person who is colleague or a classmate of yours, seems a bit silent or ill, it is COURTESY to ask the person “Hi , Whats the matter ? Not feeling well ?”.

This actually makes the other person feel better. Imagine yourself in a hospital in a serious condition yet all the passing doctors and nurses dont give a damn about you. The case of this person is similar.

But then we dont want to keep things as simple as that do we ? You think that only if he/she is your close friend you should ask him/her about her status. Because all the other humans in this world are nothing but crap to you.

Moreover the more you leave the other person alone , the more ill he gets not just physically but also mentally. Because the more you leave a depressed person in isolation the more difficult it gets for the him/her to handle the issue. A simple comforting talk could do help.

But half the world never extends that simple social hand.

Situation Four:

This is with reference to how you address a person .

How many of us address people we meet everyday by their name? Rarely few. Again there are complications of Boys hesitating to call Girls by their name and some cases vice versa.

Most of you just want to address someone as Hey, You and stuff.

Pronouns were created to reduce the number of times you reduce the usage of a person’s name in writing.
In talking the more comfortable you are calling a person by their name the more comfortable the person is talking with you.

Situation Five :

Lets begin with few justifications here for the situation to be discussed.

Today’s world, no one does something without expecting something in return.
So whenever a person helps you you have to keep in mind that there is a reason for that.

Also have it in mind, that You are not an exception either. So you obviously would be helping a person then you would expect something back from him in return.

So now that established lets begin the issue.

A person gives a treat. Reason is left to your imagination. He/she calls you to the treat too.
Now here it is not a rule that you should give back a treat to every single person who gives a treat to you.
Since it is practically impossible considering the fact that we are all rich.

But if one of the persons who call you is a close friend , then he/she will surely expect you to give treat to him/her sometime later.

So here even if it involves some cost , and you are a person with no human attachment , lets say from the practical point of view (this is to those totally calculative people out there who see life as equations),

The cost incurred is COST OF LIVING.  It is the amount that you spend to maintain your relationship with anyone that you care about in a good manner.

Because imagine if you are like a parasite taking continuously from others something but never returning anything to the other person, even if it is a good friend of yours he/she does get irritated. You are continuously testing the other person’s patience. This starts creating a rift in your friendship.

To the rest who have humanity still left in them, I dont think I would have to explain further.

Note: If in case the reader mistakes the author to be one of the cold calculative guys who always expects something in return, let me justify myself. I dont give treats to everyone. I dont take treats from everyone. If someone invites me , I would obviously go. And I give treats to anyone whom I really feel like giving irrespective of whether the person is a close friend or not.

These are some of the issues I have seen till date. If I see new issues , I will surely write about them.

Stay tuned.


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