Bitching – Redefined.

What do you mean by Bitching ? Its what people call , when you talk bad about them behind their backs. There might be other words used to describe the same but for the rest of the discussion we will stick to the word “Bitching”. Why ? Cause I personally like it. The word I mean.

Now basically everyone has three feelings towards a person – Like/Love, Hate, Neutral.

And from the classification , its obvious that Bitching happens in the latter two. And predominantly so in the second.

Now ask any person , they say straightaway Bitching is WRONG. As if , It is the worst crime committed in the world. Well then let met tell you something. If so , everyone is then a Criminal. And that includes me. So that makes everyone a Bitch.

Now lets see who is the bigger Bitch here.

First lets finish the Neutral case. You don’t have anything against a person and also you don’t have any liking for that person. In which case you talk about the person only in general gossip. And what happens in Gossip ? Well nothing but all hell inside everyone breaks loose. Cause in general gossip people generally don’t exercise control over the content they talk. They just let whatever comes to their minds flow. So in that sort of a Flow, people tend to say stuff about others. Now here I would like to take a different stand from the world , that here actually talking stuff about a person (in this situation , please remember) is not Wrong. Why ? Because it just Happens. You don’t intend to. You just talk your mind out. Everyone does. Well yes you do in a way change other people’s perception about the person but then since its gossip , everyone forgets most part, and later when they realise that the person in discussion is not exactly the kind described they change their views. So you don’t blame someone who did this. That done. Lets move to the slightly heated up part.

What happens when someone hates someone. Nothing but extreme Bias in judgement. Everything that the other person does seems to be pure wrong. Which means any good he/she does to you actually appears to you like a trap. So no wonder if you talk anything about that person, what comes out is nothing but hate, which is in other words extremely exaggerated version of any tiny mistake of that person.

Again here, you cant blame someone for hating someone. We are humans. We love people. We hate people. Those are basic emotions. So when the feeling of Hate is Justified. Lets justify “talking behind the back part” that happens because of the hate. When you hate someone obviously you cant think clearly about that person. Every judgement/decision about him/her is biased. So whatever you talk is also not exactly intentional ALWAYS ( Well in hate , it IS most of the times intentional.).

Now justification part. You hate a person because you have constructed an image about him/her. That image was formed because of some past experiences. Those are not of our concern. So obviously that is YOUR IDEA of that person. In real, the person might actually be different. Or after a period of time he/she might have changed. So what you talk about that person was based on your ASSUMPTIONS (Assumptions is another complicated topic. Lets discuss that later.) . So here in justification, the other person shouldn’t blame you for what you are doing. But you should feel guilty of what you are spreading. So in a matter of speaking as an individual you should be ashamed. But the thing is as an individual if you are the victim and someone else is spreading stuff (now keep in mind that the other person is not you friend for this part of the discussion), then you cant simply keep blaming him/her. And later if he/she actually comes to know who you really are and seeks friendship then you shouldn’t start pointing out what they did but rather forgive them. But before you simply forgive them be a BIT practical and rational. Just see if they really mean friendship. If not, then forgive them but don’t entertain their presence.

That justified. So almost Seventy Five Percent Bitches are hereby cleared of their Crimes. Lol !!

Now the rest 25 percent, are what “According to Me” the worst criminals in the world. Again I repeat , this is my opinion. Opinions differ from person to person.

All above cases are when “The Bitch” didn’t claim to be a “Friend” of the Victim. Now when the Bitch claims to be a friend of the victim, and keeps spreading rumours about his/her FRIEND, then to the World, if you find such a person, Burn him/her at the stakes. Or find a punishment which is Worse. Because if you call yourself as a friend of the person,

“You don’t hate him/her. That’s first thing. Next you do know who he/she really is. If you don’t stop claiming you are his/her friend. So calling yourself a Friend and doing something like this is an ‘Intolerable Offence’.”

Now that is what I call as “Bitching”. And that sort of a person is whom I call “The Bitch”.

Hence the Definiton.

Till the next topic of Discussion,

Au revoir. 


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