Some “Few liners” of Mine…

Many people say “Life is a Bitch”. I say “Very well then, but Its an Awesome Bitch.”.

If Love were a Drug, Man its Addict, Then Life reduces to nothing but an Euphoric Dream.

You see nothing but good, you see Angels. You see nothing good, you see Devils. A trade off between both, you start seeing ‘People’.

Diplomacy was and is never a choice.

People never intend to mess up things . It just happens by chance . People never happen to avoid other people . They intend to . This is life .

Sixth sense was given to see Right and Wrong . Then why do Majority assume what they think is pure Right and never engage the possibility of being Wrong .

Finding Genuine Smiles is Interesting. Finding Smiles Not Genuine is even more Interesting.

Earlier , Saying those three words to a girl was the problem. Now knowing the words which a girl would say to those three words is the problem.

What do you call a situation where an average looking girl seems to be the most beautiful person on the planet ?
Insanity. Another possibility, Love. Well again there is not much difference between the two.

Unfortunate it is . You get to talk with people who bore you the most. You bore the people who interest you the most .

One of the worst situations ever. Teaching Humanity to Humans.

Living the life of a Good Man is more important than Living a Good Life . A bit depressing but at the end of the day you can always be Happy about it .

I basically believe in a Life without Secrets. One where no one would waste time being curious about what is going on in others lives.

A better Television series is one that promises the entertainment of a two hour movie in every  45 minutes . Not that of  45 minutes for the entire season.

It took me the enmity of over a two dozen people to choose the priniciples what I live by today. Cant change it for the friendship of a few.

Note:  These are some of the best lines I have written , according to my own standards of writing. And they also happen to be my Facebook Statuses over the past one month.  So lets say this is the First Set. More to follow. And as always,

“Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. “. 

Use references if necessary.


Rare Commodity …

What sort of Friendship does everyone expect ?? Seriously bugged by that thought.

When a person extends you the friendship of your life , still you never accept it. Rather you would go all the way for a person who will stay in your life for the shortest period of time and walk out. Yes present date most friendships are temporary.

But few people when it comes to Friendship , they mean it. So do I. Yet I have the least number of friends in this world.Most of the world just consider Friendship as a Profit or loss statement.

What sort of a world it is ? Where Friendship has become a “Rare Commodity” ??

Hate it. Seriously. What is that you want people. How much more should you experience before you take a turn for the real good.

When will you start respecting good hearted people ? After the last good person on this earth is dead ??

Better kill them before you life this emotionally detached mechanical life. Seriously pissed with the current world.

One of the possible reasons for me having very less number of friends is maybe because I have realised that very few people mean proper friendship and that too only when then dont have anything to gain from you. (Stop Pouncing back on me, wait and read). 

For a second think the person whom you consider your best friend as of now. Is he/she from the same class ? If in same school/college/workplace is the person belonging to the same department as you ? If so then he/she a better performer than you ?

Give a thought to the above questions. You will find your answers there.

Often your best friend will be , say now you are in college, will be a person from your school days (Believe me you make your best friendships and worst enemies only at school !!.) Thats because now in separate colleges you tend to talk more and more about each others’  “Lives” other than just academics/studies related stuff that used to form the base discussion in school.

Second case, if you find a friend in your college, often its not from your own department. Because there are people who constantly depend upon you in some aspect. That academic dependence itself breaks down the possiblity of a friendship cause the more parasitic you become the more the other person gets irritated. Same holds true vice versa. So you end up forming best of friends across departments.

(Nothing personal here, but among the top layer of performers in any place there is stiff competition that eliminates the possibility of a good friendship. Once you compete in a place you cant bring yourself to see the other person as your friend. You think of what to avoid telling that person fearing whether he/she would take advantage. Same happens from the other person’s view point. Talking might help but again only if both the performers are mature in all aspects. If one is a completely mature person and other has the mindset of a Just-Born-Baby then talks only worsen things !!)

Rare case you make your friendship with someone in your own class, you stop and evaluate yourself. How the friendship formed. I dont have to explain further.

Friendships are not about what you can get from the other person people understand that. You dont buy or sell it. Very few know the value of a good friendship. I am one of them.

Never become a parasite on another person in the name of friendship. Get Inspired by your friend that is normal. But then to become as good as your friend use your own resources and nothing but inspiration from your pal. Problems Occur only when you start draining his/her resources too.

I just wish I could walk out of college after graduation with a handful of good friends, whose friendships continue even after the four years of college life. I wish everyone appreciates the same.

I dont expect to make the entire batch my friends. That is the lamest thing ever. You cant be friends with everyone. When you realise you have so much in common obviously talking more with that person would allow you to get to know more about each other realise what is in common and develop a strong deep-rooted friendship. Such ones never die, come what may.

Unfortunately there are few who look out for possibilities of a person becoming a friend. Others just walk past so many people everyday. Stop give a talk to every person you pass by. You would find that you have missed atleast a good five people in your life within a period of one month. Thats how big the world is.
So even when I realise that this person could be a very good friend of mine the other person is still reluctant to open up. Cant help it . Talks could improve the situation but talks dont come by that easily. 😦

Today you would rarely find a grown up addressing anyone as their enemy. Cause everyone has stopped identifying people as enemies. Competitors yes. Enemies no. Unless you are a Mafia Don that wont happen.

Friendship has yes become a Rare Commodity.

But still try making the best out of it.

But first find a good Friend.

And never stop with one. 😀 😀



Just thought of letting people know that there are some basic etiquettes that they COULD follow. So that the other person would never have to get hurt, or assume stuff.

Situation One :

When some person is messaging you. You keep messaging but then suddenly have to stop because of some other work or because the other person is boring you.

Now if you have got some important work , better mention it in the conversation by saying “Sorry but got to go. Got something important to do”.

If its the latter , that is the person is boring you, then mentioning it to the person , in most cases would be rude. You have the freedom to do that only if the person is close enough , for example a real good friend in which case the person wouldn’t mistake your comment. So if the person is boring you you can as well state a reason and drop the conversation .

But what most of us do is abruptly stop replying. Now that sends wrong signals. Because the person could assume you have something against him/her. (In some cases you really might have !! But mostly we will assume the general case where you dont have anything against him/her). Now this vexes the other person. All this could have been avoided by a polite message stating that you are leaving.

The above situation could also be neutralised by beginning your next conversation with an apology for abruptly leaving on the previous occasion but still there would have been a time interval where the person might have assumed wrong things.

Situation Two:

You are inviting a group of people to a festival. Now considering the current trend where you can create an online event in Facebook and create an invite through that , it wouldnt be that surprising if you were to invite a group of people through the online medium.

But not all people prefer BEING INVITED that way. Most would want a personal invite , even if it is through mail or a SMS it is fine. Also inviting people personally has a Human Touch to it.

Now if you are planning a certain trip and want the number of people interested you could as well post it as an event and get the number of people attending/maybe attending/not attending.

But here we are talking about invite. If you invite people by posting a message online it tends to imply that you seriously dont have any intention of inviting the other person but rather you are doing it only as a formality. Again even if you dont have any such intentions your actions speak better than words.

Some people tend to be hypocrites. They talk as if they despise every single person who uses online media for such things but then they themselves resort to a simple group post for invite. But then Hypocrisy is Universal. We will talk about that later.

Situation Three :

Suppose in your classroom/workplace a fellow person who is colleague or a classmate of yours, seems a bit silent or ill, it is COURTESY to ask the person “Hi , Whats the matter ? Not feeling well ?”.

This actually makes the other person feel better. Imagine yourself in a hospital in a serious condition yet all the passing doctors and nurses dont give a damn about you. The case of this person is similar.

But then we dont want to keep things as simple as that do we ? You think that only if he/she is your close friend you should ask him/her about her status. Because all the other humans in this world are nothing but crap to you.

Moreover the more you leave the other person alone , the more ill he gets not just physically but also mentally. Because the more you leave a depressed person in isolation the more difficult it gets for the him/her to handle the issue. A simple comforting talk could do help.

But half the world never extends that simple social hand.

Situation Four:

This is with reference to how you address a person .

How many of us address people we meet everyday by their name? Rarely few. Again there are complications of Boys hesitating to call Girls by their name and some cases vice versa.

Most of you just want to address someone as Hey, You and stuff.

Pronouns were created to reduce the number of times you reduce the usage of a person’s name in writing.
In talking the more comfortable you are calling a person by their name the more comfortable the person is talking with you.

Situation Five :

Lets begin with few justifications here for the situation to be discussed.

Today’s world, no one does something without expecting something in return.
So whenever a person helps you you have to keep in mind that there is a reason for that.

Also have it in mind, that You are not an exception either. So you obviously would be helping a person then you would expect something back from him in return.

So now that established lets begin the issue.

A person gives a treat. Reason is left to your imagination. He/she calls you to the treat too.
Now here it is not a rule that you should give back a treat to every single person who gives a treat to you.
Since it is practically impossible considering the fact that we are all rich.

But if one of the persons who call you is a close friend , then he/she will surely expect you to give treat to him/her sometime later.

So here even if it involves some cost , and you are a person with no human attachment , lets say from the practical point of view (this is to those totally calculative people out there who see life as equations),

The cost incurred is COST OF LIVING.  It is the amount that you spend to maintain your relationship with anyone that you care about in a good manner.

Because imagine if you are like a parasite taking continuously from others something but never returning anything to the other person, even if it is a good friend of yours he/she does get irritated. You are continuously testing the other person’s patience. This starts creating a rift in your friendship.

To the rest who have humanity still left in them, I dont think I would have to explain further.

Note: If in case the reader mistakes the author to be one of the cold calculative guys who always expects something in return, let me justify myself. I dont give treats to everyone. I dont take treats from everyone. If someone invites me , I would obviously go. And I give treats to anyone whom I really feel like giving irrespective of whether the person is a close friend or not.

These are some of the issues I have seen till date. If I see new issues , I will surely write about them.

Stay tuned.


Bitching – Redefined.

What do you mean by Bitching ? Its what people call , when you talk bad about them behind their backs. There might be other words used to describe the same but for the rest of the discussion we will stick to the word “Bitching”. Why ? Cause I personally like it. The word I mean.

Now basically everyone has three feelings towards a person – Like/Love, Hate, Neutral.

And from the classification , its obvious that Bitching happens in the latter two. And predominantly so in the second.

Now ask any person , they say straightaway Bitching is WRONG. As if , It is the worst crime committed in the world. Well then let met tell you something. If so , everyone is then a Criminal. And that includes me. So that makes everyone a Bitch.

Now lets see who is the bigger Bitch here.

First lets finish the Neutral case. You don’t have anything against a person and also you don’t have any liking for that person. In which case you talk about the person only in general gossip. And what happens in Gossip ? Well nothing but all hell inside everyone breaks loose. Cause in general gossip people generally don’t exercise control over the content they talk. They just let whatever comes to their minds flow. So in that sort of a Flow, people tend to say stuff about others. Now here I would like to take a different stand from the world , that here actually talking stuff about a person (in this situation , please remember) is not Wrong. Why ? Because it just Happens. You don’t intend to. You just talk your mind out. Everyone does. Well yes you do in a way change other people’s perception about the person but then since its gossip , everyone forgets most part, and later when they realise that the person in discussion is not exactly the kind described they change their views. So you don’t blame someone who did this. That done. Lets move to the slightly heated up part.

What happens when someone hates someone. Nothing but extreme Bias in judgement. Everything that the other person does seems to be pure wrong. Which means any good he/she does to you actually appears to you like a trap. So no wonder if you talk anything about that person, what comes out is nothing but hate, which is in other words extremely exaggerated version of any tiny mistake of that person.

Again here, you cant blame someone for hating someone. We are humans. We love people. We hate people. Those are basic emotions. So when the feeling of Hate is Justified. Lets justify “talking behind the back part” that happens because of the hate. When you hate someone obviously you cant think clearly about that person. Every judgement/decision about him/her is biased. So whatever you talk is also not exactly intentional ALWAYS ( Well in hate , it IS most of the times intentional.).

Now justification part. You hate a person because you have constructed an image about him/her. That image was formed because of some past experiences. Those are not of our concern. So obviously that is YOUR IDEA of that person. In real, the person might actually be different. Or after a period of time he/she might have changed. So what you talk about that person was based on your ASSUMPTIONS (Assumptions is another complicated topic. Lets discuss that later.) . So here in justification, the other person shouldn’t blame you for what you are doing. But you should feel guilty of what you are spreading. So in a matter of speaking as an individual you should be ashamed. But the thing is as an individual if you are the victim and someone else is spreading stuff (now keep in mind that the other person is not you friend for this part of the discussion), then you cant simply keep blaming him/her. And later if he/she actually comes to know who you really are and seeks friendship then you shouldn’t start pointing out what they did but rather forgive them. But before you simply forgive them be a BIT practical and rational. Just see if they really mean friendship. If not, then forgive them but don’t entertain their presence.

That justified. So almost Seventy Five Percent Bitches are hereby cleared of their Crimes. Lol !!

Now the rest 25 percent, are what “According to Me” the worst criminals in the world. Again I repeat , this is my opinion. Opinions differ from person to person.

All above cases are when “The Bitch” didn’t claim to be a “Friend” of the Victim. Now when the Bitch claims to be a friend of the victim, and keeps spreading rumours about his/her FRIEND, then to the World, if you find such a person, Burn him/her at the stakes. Or find a punishment which is Worse. Because if you call yourself as a friend of the person,

“You don’t hate him/her. That’s first thing. Next you do know who he/she really is. If you don’t stop claiming you are his/her friend. So calling yourself a Friend and doing something like this is an ‘Intolerable Offence’.”

Now that is what I call as “Bitching”. And that sort of a person is whom I call “The Bitch”.

Hence the Definiton.

Till the next topic of Discussion,

Au revoir.